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 Required reading for all new members

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Required reading for all new members Empty
PostSubject: Required reading for all new members   Required reading for all new members EmptyThu May 08, 2008 10:43 am

Our goal is to create a clan of "friends" on line who enjoy playing together. No shouting, profanity, racial slurs or misconduct will be tolerated. Lets all act mature and friendly. We require that you be over 21 years of age. Always end a game graciously and thank all the other players for a good game, even if you lost. If someone on another team in a game is acting incorrectly then it is acceptable to ask the clan to "back out" of the game. That is all we really ask!

1. Posts, which personally attack another individual, will not be tolerated. Your post will be removed and you may be removed from the clan depending on the severity of the incident.

2. We're all here to have fun! We need to keep it that way, and remember we are all different, we all react differently to situations and there can be that line thatís crossed. Let's keep all our posts and in game behavior fun!

3. Be an active member. If you do not post within 14 days of sign up and activation, your account will be deleted.

4. Bringing in non-clan members: If you want to bring in a non-clan member to our online game room please ask the other members of the room before you do so. Some people have issues with this. Sometimes all we want is "clannies" in the room so this must be enforced. Clan nights may or may not be off limits to non-members.

5. If you have an issue with a post or member: please send a message to an Administrator directly.

6. New members that have been here about a month will be upgraded to full clan member status as long as you have made attempts to play with and get to know some of the current site members...to make sure we all mesh. You must also be active on these forums and your platform of choice (PS3, XBox 360, PC, etc.). Failure to do this may ruin your chances to get into the official forum and could have you removed from the official forum should you already be in it.

7. Posting negative things about other gamer sites and clans will not be tolerated. It will cause our clan to have a bad name. If anyone has an issue with a post please send a message to an Administrator and we will get it worked out.

8. EVERY NEW MEMBER, INTRODUCE YOURSELF in the Introduction thread and list your age. This is REQUIRED or you may be questioned about it later. This site is for gamers over 21 years of age and it will be strictly enforced.

9. Members will be required to respect other Clan members feelings, by proudly displaying either [WCTB] or [TB] as their clan tag, in applicable games. This Clan is for all of us. Please be considerate.

10. Racial slurs will absolutely, positively, not be tolerated! You will be banned immediately if we hear it and possible banned if we are told about it. We are not screwing around with this rule. We have members here from all ethnic backgrounds and those slurs are very upsetting to everyone. All we can end this rule with is DO NOT DO IT...

This is a Non-Profit website/forum and no monies will ever be asked from you by an administrator for any reason! This web site is for your free usage.
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Required reading for all new members
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